Upon successful completion of the PF, three-year, college level career development program, college graduates who are working in the financial services industry may be offered a spot in PF for Grads, an ongoing, selective development program. PF for Grads is also open to a group of first generation, female college graduates who are working in financial services, but did not go through the PF College Program. Specifically designed to assist first generation, female college graduates with all of their career and overall life issues, PF for Grads will support and rapidly accelerate career growth.

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Taryn Johnson

Taryn Johnson

Associate, Blue Sage Capital

"Alicia is very dedicated to helping each student to the fullest. She helped me decide a career path, gain the necessary skills to be marketable, and present myself in a professional and valuable manner. She is always very well organized and punctual, I would not be as confident in my future path without her."

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